Xiaomi / 2020

"A single grain of rice is as great as a mountain"

Xiaomi / 2020

Xiaomi and Outlaw Creative have teamed up to create a capsule collection, which is timed to the release of a new premium Xiaomi phone. Our design reflects the movement from the general to the specific, from macrocosm to microcosm.

From human evolution, which gave us vision, to technological tools that allow us to notice things that we didn't pay attention to before. The capsule is combined by the ideas of ancient alchemy, modern science with its revolutionary ideas of quantum mechanics and the singularity, solved by the Russian genius Grigory Perelman.

The result of the collaboration is 9 items: a vest, a hoodie, two t-shirts, a shirt, two pants, a cap and a bag. Here you can find the range from simple-looking things to complex tailoring. Based on images of neurons in the human retina, we created a psychedelic print that became the key visual of the collection.

The phone's functionality runs as a leitmotif through the entire collection and is revealed through the slogans "My creative factory" and" As above so below". Outlaw Creative’s crew shoot video and photo campaign in the North Caucasus at the foot of Elbrus, through waterfalls and mystical abandoned estates.

Meditative sorting of rice by color, as a symbol of finding balance in the world "As above so below". Outlaw Creative shot entire campaign on MI 10T Pro.