The new drop from our team reminds people to focus on their feelings. It’s a way to stay sane in the surrealistic reality. Positive thinking and mindfulness practices have already failed. People need something stronger to move on. Something like The Strong Aura drop.

In this concept, self-awareness defeats the collective responsibility. Genuine connections win over fear and guilt. Irony fights against absurd reality. Love relapses the attitude. ‘Outlove your bad thoughts, your demons and enemies’ is a key message. But not the only one.

The way you dress is the reflection of your inner state. That’s why we created a t-shirt with life-affirming lines aimed to give you the ‘karmic healing’, ‘wellness regiment’ and so on.

Long sleeve shirts with a body scan of the aura are here to make people feel RESPECTED BY DEMONS. PROTECTED BY ANGELS.

Being АYTΛО has never been about being self-centered. Eager to help people to stay closer, we designed a crop top with a flirty call-to-action: HOLD HERE TO HEAL YOUR AURA.

The friends of the brand: Chris, Arthur and Gena became the new faces of consciousness. In the visuals, each of them is a hero surrounded by chaos: office mess, school squabbles and the steam in the kitchen of life. Despite the obstacles, heroes stay calm and focused. Their inner light is about to spread around.

Fuel yourself with the sublime nutrition.



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