Love in the Time of Cholera

The fundamental idea of OUTLAW’s new collection ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’ is the rethinking of reality by shifting the focus of attention inwards.

OUTLAW Moscow has announced the renewal of their DNA and presents the Summer/Pre-fall 2021 collection lookbook.

The pandemic allowed us to look at the world from a different angle. Our priorities have shifted towards self-care for mind and body, self-exploration and seeking out like-minded individuals. Millions of people, isolated from each other in this frozen distressful world, keep exchanging deeply personal experience and love. The new collection is a reflection of these global processes.

OUTLAW’s key designs – the bulletproof vest and the police shirt – have been transformed, representing a dialogue between the brand’s past and the present. Brute black bulletproof vests with no extra details have become delicate and slightly ironic. A closer look at the seemingly strict uniform exposes its lighter, more frivolous elements.

The night gown, carpet costume and dress demonstrate the diversity of sexuality — both internal and external, bold and vulnerable, not ashamed of being different. The multi-functionality of the dress and the carpet costume allows to expose or cover the different parts of your body as you choose. This reflects the natural fluidity of self-image, the refusal to be straight-forward or fit expected norms of sexuality.

The light blue colour, dominant in the outfits, is naturally associated with the freedom of the sky and the ability of water to take on any form without losing its power.

To be OUTLAW is to engage in a constant battle for independence. We used to oppose society but realised that society is each and every one of us. The revolt against accepted norms has been replaced by the search for internal freedom. Today, the true warriors are those brave enough to listen to their inner voice; we are guided not only by external stimuli but also - and importantly - by our internal experiences, – says Dilyara Minrahmatova, the founder of the brand. Soft power is our new vector of development. We moved away from the rough and the militant: bulletproof vests have been covered in flowers and camouflage replaced by gold leaf.



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