BULLEIT / 2019

Outlaw Creative designers created a tattooed sweatshirt for Made For Bullet. This is the second collaboration between the two brands within the Made for Bulleit platform. In 2018, a bright double-sided bomber was released, and this year the designers of the avant-garde brand focused on the tattooed sweatshirt. The result of this year collab collaboration was not a tattooed sweatshirt by chance: following global trends, the aesthetics and art of tattooing were chosen as the main theme in 2019.

Over the past few decades, this direction has strengthen its position in modern society, going beyond the concept of subculture and turning into a real industry. In the new sweatshirt, the designers of Outlaw Creative combined Thai ritual tattoos and Gothic elements (AY and Bulleit) in the style of tattoos of Latin American gangs. The bright color of the fabric repeats the shade of the drink.